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Home Inspection is a Fitting Second-Act Career for Many Retirees

Many Americans are working after they retire or taking on a second-act career to make ends meet, keep busy or pursue a passion. Nearly 50 percent of retirees say they’ve stayed employed or intend to remain in the workforce during retirement, according to TIME Magazine.

Turning a Stressful Situation into an Opportunity

It turns out retirement isn’t for everyone and can actually be very anxiety-ridden. It ranks 10th on the list of the 43 most stressful life events, according to the American Institute of Stress.

However, a second-act career can be quite rewarding and significantly reduce the stress associated with retirement. Home inspection provides some of the elements necessary for an enjoyable retirement as noted in a Harvard Medical School study on adult development.

Participants in the study said what made retirement enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding were forging new social networks and continuing to learn among other things.

Why Join WIN Home Inspection?

Working as a home inspector may be the ideal second-act for the right person. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, the job is suited to people who:

  • Prefer to be active and not sit at a desk all day
  • Are interested in home construction and how things work
  • Have a technical mind
  • Are well-organized
  • Enjoy meeting new people and helping
  • Are willing to learn and have energy

Since home inspectors are often referred to homebuyers by real estate agents, a good portion of being a home inspector is networking with real estate agents and brokers, as well as with mortgage lenders, title companies and attorneys. Establishing new networks with new people, according to the study, is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Since most second-act careers are not the same as first-act careers, the home inspection field provides plenty of opportunity for learning. Continued learning keeps the mind active and the brain healthy.

Play is another element of an enjoyable retirement, according to the Harvard study. Home inspectors can make their own schedule, working as much as they want, so there’s time for golf, tennis, travel or any other fun activity.

To find out more about becoming a home inspector, visit WIN Home Inspection.

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