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Civilian Job News Features James Price & WIN For America


James Price, Texas Army National Guard veteran and one of WIN Home Inspection’s newest Strategic Partners (that’s WIN-speak for franchisee) exemplifies how one can make a successful transition into civilian life through business.

“I became interested in franchising while studying business in college, and came across WIN through my research at the International Franchise Association (IFA),” says Price. “They stood out, offering amazing veteran initiatives through their ‘WIN for America’ program, and from the moment I inquired about an opportunity with them, they worked hand-in-hand with me to determine start- up costs and potential market size, while compiling a complete competitive analysis and business plan.”

The recipient of a $40,000 service award per the ‘WIN for America’ program, with his full franchisee fee waived, Price adds, “I appreciate the operating procedures they have in place, while allowing their Strategic Partners to truly stake claim within the company. We are all on the same team. Even as I grow, I have full support behind me every step of the way.”

It’s not often that veterans represent one-quarter of a company’s franchisee base, but at WIN Home Inspection, that is exactly what you will find. Inspired by the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) “Operation Enduring Opportunity” initiative, WIN committed $1.2 million in financing and created its own “WIN for America” program to honor veterans. By awarding revered veterans the opportunity to waive their franchise fee, this program aids them in the transition into the civilian business world, while capitalizing off their valuable military skills.

Steve Wadlington, president of WIN Home Inspection, established three goals of this operation: reward qualified veterans; provide realistic opportunities for vets to become successful business owners; and serve as a key contributor to a positive life- changing event for veterans.

Wadlington believes in leveraging the training and skills veterans are taught in combat to achieve civilian world accomplishments. “It’s no secret within corporate America that military training sets a career course, and most veterans excel in the workforce,” says Wadlington. “Our military veterans regard core values, commitment, and teamwork, thus making them ideally positioned for success within WIN Home Inspection.”

And, Price agrees. When asked if he plans on hiring veterans when expanding his growing business, he says, “That’s probably the best employee you will ever have.” We’re sure many others can attest to that.

About WIN Home Inspection:

WIN Home Inspection began offering home inspection business franchises in the Pacific Northwest in 1993. Within a year, the company dominated this regional market, and it has since expanded across the U.S. with more than 168 locations in 28 states.

The WIN for America program is just one facet of the WIN Home Inspection organization that stands out in a billion dollar home inspection industry. As the housing market strengthens, WIN is experiencing a steady increase in the overall volume of homes inspected, confirming that the home inspection business is a high demand service in a solid industry. WIN Home Inspection is also a participant in the International Franchise Association’s Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran) and the IFA’s MinorityFran Program.

To apply for the “WIN for America” qualification, please visit or call 800.967.8127.

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